The Main Tab is Achieving 100% Growth in Sign-ups by Connecting Luxury Brands with Retailers

The Main Tab has filled the gap of the large trade shows that retailers depend on, by offering a highly curated marketplace connecting luxury brands with independent sales reps and retailers.


The Main Tab saves retail buyers time from sifting through thousands of SKUs with their strict vetting process. When brands receive orders from retailers and pay 0% commission on retailers they refer and currently work with, they're charged a commission. Retailers are given NET terms, allowing them to buy now and pay later, plus additional rewards based on their business status.

"Having been in Sales my whole life, making the platform sales rep friendly was very important for me. Marketplaces tend to eliminate traditional jobs, and sales reps are crucial in the industry, particularly in luxury where brand education is of paramount importance," says Liseda Shelegu, Founder.

The company raised a pre-seed round in February 2021. Despite all the restrictions, they thrived during the pandemic by introducing new brands and a revamped site to the retailers. The Main Tab has achieved 100% growth in sign-ups since its launch and consolidated the need for an easier buying and discovery process for the wholesale industry.