SWFT Raises $10M To Disrupt The E-mobility Space

The e-mobility company, SWFT, is changing the way people move. The company secured its first round of funding. The brand was developed over the past year within On Spec. On Spec develops disruptive brands through its unique shared services platform and unparalleled experience in bringing products to market across industries.


SWFT so far has raised $10M with investments from strategic angel investors Martin Lauber, 19 York's Managing Partner, Mark Joseph, Mobitas Advisors' CEO, David Zwick, RedCap Technologies MD.

The SWFT team has been in the mobility business for over a decade and has collectively delivered $2B in products to consumers. Co-founder and CEO, David Liniado, spearheads the SWFT's entrance into electric transportation. SWFT was developed as a consistent response to rapid cultural and behavioural shifts accelerated by the unique combination of a global pandemic, a climate crisis, and the move to electric mobility.

Built with a mission to empower consumers and commercial partners to use sustainable, efficient, and safe modes of transportation, the brand offers sleek and eco-conscious alternatives to cars and public transportation. SWFT plans to launch a complete line of fully integrated personal electric vehicles ranging from e-motorcycles to low-speed vehicles, starting in early 2022. The brand is bringing a suite of mobility solutions to consumers starting with three new e-bikes and an e-moped launched as part of global retailer Best Buy's electric transportation push.

"Personal e-mobility is a generational shift and we are proud to introduce SWFT to the market. We created SWFT not only to change how people move but to change how they feel about movement," says David Liniado, Co-Founder and CEO of SWFT. "Over the last eighteen months, we built and developed our products alongside some of the best minds in the business. Not only are our products safe and enjoyable, but we're thrilled about the community we're fostering around empowering movement and staying active."