Stage11 Raises a €5M Seed Round to Reimagine Music for the Metaverse

The Paris-founded startup, Stage11, is redefining the immersive music experience. The company raised €5M in a seed round led by Otium Capital and backed up by Jonathan Belolo, founder and CEO.


Stage11 is reimagining the interactive music experience by combining gaming, mixed reality, and digital collectables. Fans cannot only discover and collect; they can use these interactive NFTs to create and share unique personalized content and even perform with their favourite artists.

They are building a new creative canvas for artists, allowing them to invite fans to live, play, and create inside their performances and musical worlds. These worlds combine immersive gameplay sequences, lifelike performances, cinematic narratives and exclusive digital collectables.

This makes the experience immersive and gives artists, brands, influencers and fans the tools to co-create unique digital experiences, collectables, and content unlocking new revenue streams for all by tapping into today's fastest-growing markets - gaming, AR/VR, virtual events, and digital goods.

Stage11 is accessible on desktop and mobile, to the best of both platforms. While desktop offers a more interactive high-definition experience, mobile focuses on mixed reality experiences and content creation as well as social interaction. Both platforms merge into one seamless user experience.

Belolo is a music industry veteran and the co-owner of Scorpio Music with a track record of 45 years of continuous success from The Village People to Mi Gente by J Balvin & Beyonce. Stage11 has begun its journey to reimagine music for the metaverse by using the funds to onboard strategic hires, sign key artist and brand partnerships and build its technology platform.

"As a gamer and sci-fi nerd, It feels like I've been dreaming about the metaverse my entire life. Now that as a society we're on the cusp of making it real, I find myself blessed to be part of an incredible team setting out to explore the new frontier. Building immersive music events and experiences is just the first step. We are on a journey together to reimagine the way artists and brands connect, even co-create, with their fans and audiences. We are combining genres, realities and cultures to build something bold, thrilling and timeless — yet accessible and fun." says Jonathan Belolo, founder and CEO.