Seven Starling, Platform connecting Parents and Supportive groups, acquires $2.9M

Seven Starling platform supports parents from pregnancy to parenthood by connecting parents with supportive peer groups led by expert doulas, building digital communities that lead to happier, healthier, and stronger families.


The company announced the platform launch, with $2.9 million in seed funding led by Pear VC, Expa, and Magnify Ventures, to support parents during pregnancy and beyond.

Seven Starling facilitates virtual group-based care for parents and parents-to-be who are at similar stages of their pregnancy or first year of parenthood.

Each small group is led by a doula. A doula is uniquely matched with them based on their goals, preferences, and support needs. Research shows that doulas, who have been out of reach for many, are an important resource in improving maternal health outcomes and reducing the cost of care.

Seven Starling's platform also makes doula support more accessible and affordable for all. Depending on the level of experience and services provided, a doula can cost between $800 and $2,500. For $37 a month. They use Seven Starling's exclusive result-oriented curriculum to guide parents through each stage of their pregnancy from 8 weeks pregnant to 1 year postpartum. It is proven to improve maternal health outcomes: according to research, new mothers with higher levels of social support are 2x less likely to develop postpartum depression, and parents that participate in group care see a 36% reduction in preterm births.

During the beta phase, they supported hundreds of parents through pregnancy and postpartum. Now, Seven Starling's platform is more widely available and is working with healthcare organizations to integrate its offerings within traditional models for prenatal and postpartum care. For parents in rural communities with limited access to doulas and local peer groups, the platform provides a critical lifeline for connection and support.

"Our goal is for parents to feel empowered during pregnancy and early parenthood. New and expectant parents often feel isolated and overwhelmed — even more so during the pandemic. Seven Starling offers parents access to doulas and peers who quickly become invaluable partners in the pregnancy and parenting journey. The results are more meaningful connections and better maternal health outcomes," said Tina Beilinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Seven Starling.