ScienceIO Emerges from Stealth with $8 Million Seed to Fix Healthcare's Data Problem

The data science company, ScienceIO, transforming healthcare, launches with $8M in seed funding led by CEO Will Manidis, COO Gaurav Kaushik, PhD. Section 32, Sea Lane Ventures and prominent investors and entrepreneurs like Lachy Groom and Josh Buckley were among those who joined the funding round.


The majority of the massive amounts of biomedical data collected across the healthcare industry remains unutilized. With ScienceIO's AI-powered technology this unstructured data is turned into usable information for professionals across the U.S. healthcare system without compromising patient privacy.

Using contextual cues to identify and link biomedical terms to larger concepts, a single line of code can discern every medical procedure, condition, therapy, biomarker and more. This automated data processing and analysis helps teams make faster decisions, build on top of healthcare data at an unprecedented scale and create better patient outcomes.

ScienceIO has announced Chuck Smolky as its first chief commercial officer. Smolky has experience delivering multi-million-dollar revenue increases for companies, including Optum, Aetna and Health Fidelity, navigating a complex, evolving healthcare market. He will lead ScienceIO's commercial strategy, driving customer digital transformation enablement at the payor-provider interface.

"Healthcare providers and organizations want to make patient-first decisions, but somewhere along the line that mission got buried under vast amounts of fragmented and unused patient data," said ScienceIO Co-Founder Will Manidis. "The industry's data problem is too large for people to solve alone. That's why we built ScienceIO, to help every healthcare professional, from technologists to executives, fully leverage data to build new solutions and improve patient outcomes" said Co-Founder Gaurav Kaushik.

"We are thrilled to bring Chuck Smolky onto the ScienceIO team," said ScienceIO Co-Founder Gaurav Kaushik. "His decades of experience securing strategic business opportunities will be crucial to our growth, and his expert knowledge of the healthcare industry will be invaluable as we work to close the gap between massive amounts of healthcare data and life-changing solutions."