Pronto Raises $4M to Help Companies Harness the Full Potential of Their Business Partnerships

Pronto, a pioneer in partner ecosystem management, help companies harness the full potential of their business partnerships. It offers a highly secure, customizable, collaborative platform on which companies and partners can manage, automate, and track the development of their solutions and go-to-market efforts.


Pronto raised $4 million in seed funding. The new investment was led by Work-Bench, with participation from Vertex Ventures US, Firebolt Ventures and Tau Ventures. Pronto is also releasing a free tier option of its Ecosystem Management Platform. This also includes marquee account mapping feature Insights with which, organizations can quickly and securely identify customer and prospect overlaps, thereby accelerating upsell and cross-sell go-to-market motions.

Launched in late 2018, by Swaroop Kolli and Manoj Kumar, Pronto has gained appreciable traction amongst mid-market and large enterprise technology companies. It now has a clientele of nearly 100 companies, including Red Hat, Juniper Networks, and Sisense. Pronto will scale its team and accelerate the delivery of its product roadmap and innovation with this investment.

Ecosystem business models are going to be one of the largest business disruptors over this decade and might unlock over 100 trillion dollars in business value. The winners and losers of the next decade will be defined by how well they build, manage, scale, and monetize their partner ecosystems.

Business leaders face a myriad of strategic and tactical challenges as they attempt to build growing partner ecosystems. Pronto's Ecosystem Management platform resolves these inconveniences by utilizing a collaborative, data-driven SaaS solution, enabling organizations to manage the full lifecycle of their entire partner ecosystem, easily measure ROI, and accelerate the go-to-market of those relationships.

Pronto's platform can manage any form of partner relationship seamlessly on a single unified platform, thereby eliminating the need for multiple tools. Pronto can also manage multi-party relationships to:

  • Automate critical ecosystem processes and workflows.

  • Uncover hidden sales leads and opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell.

  • Accelerate collaboration via a shared, data-driven view of key activities and metrics.

  • Reveal key trends and patterns to accelerate ecosystem productivity.

  • Evaluate and optimize ecosystem relationships by delivering timely insights measured at the ecosystem and relationship level.

  • Reduce risk and resource dependency via a collaborative shared record system.

  • Deploys within 90 minutes.