Maximilian Fleitmann is Bootstrapping BaseTemplates at Over 10,000 USD MRR

In this post, we are interviewing Maximilian Fleitmann, who currently runs BaseTemplates, which he is bootstrapping at over 10,000 USD per month, helps founders get funded through investor approved templates and educational content. Read more to know how.


[Xtartups Interviewer] What does your product or service do?

Pitch Deck & Fundraising Templates.

[Xtartups Interviewer] What's your product's elevator pitch?

BaseTemplates helps founders get funded through investor approved templates and educational content.

[Xtartups Interviewer] Tell us a bit about your team.

We are a team of two founders that have worked together on several businesses for the last 7 years. Julian is taking care of the educational content around the fundraising topic while Max is building the products.

[Xtartups Interviewer] What motivated you to work on this product?

When I was first raising money for my previous startup I had no clue what I was doing. So I decided to build BaseTemplates and share my knowledge so that other founders won’t make the same mistakes that I did.

[Xtartups Interviewer] Tell us where you are in this product/company's journey?

We have created a bunch of products that cover most of the fundraising journey - from creating an Investor CRM, a pitch deck over to financial model templates.

Looking forward we are always trying to improve that and tell more people about it.

Besides that, we are always trying to take the advice of the most successful founders out there and share it with the community.

[Xtartups Interviewer] What has been your biggest learning moment in this journey?

I underestimated the power of community. When we started we didn’t have anyone cheering for us. Yet, from the beginning, we have been trying to add value (also for free) and, that helped us to gain some real friends of our brand. If we are releasing anything new now-a-days they are more than happy to share it with their network.

[Xtartups Interviewer] What has been your biggest validation for creating this product and taking it to the market?

I am so grateful for every customer that is buying our products. And luckily I am getting a lot of feedback from founders that tell me how they raised millions to pursue their ideas. That’s so amazing and a true validation of the work we are doing.

[Xtartups Interviewer] How did you find your first 10 customers?

Friends & Personal Network.

[Xtartups Interviewer] If you weren't working on this product, which other product/idea would you be pursuing?

Building a Personal CRM that lets me give everyone in my network the attention they deserve.

[Xtartups Interviewer] Who is your favorite bootstrapped founder? And why?

Avid Kahl because I love how he is sharing his exact way of doing it.

[Xtartups Interviewer] What book or podcast has helped you in this journey?

Dear Founder by Maynard Webb.

[Xtartups Interviewer] What do you wish you knew when you started working on this idea?

I wished I could have built an audience earlier in the process. It is so hard to get attention these days, but if you have a loyal audience you will have this attention and also distribution.

[Xtartups Interviewer] For someone who is thinking of starting a bootstrapped business, what would be the one thing they should watch out for?

Focus, Focus, Focus - it is hard to build a business and in my opinion, you will always have scarce resources. That’s why I always try to figure out what matters.

[Xtartups Interviewer] Are you hiring for any positions? If yes, how can people reach out to you?