Laurence Zaied is Bootstrapping at 12K EUR MRR Helping Write Social Content Faster

In this post, we are interviewing Laurence Zaied, who currently runs, which she is bootstrapping at 12K EUR per month, helping write social content faster. Keep reading to know about the product's journey.


[Xtartups Interviewer] What does your product or service do?

We provide our customers with pre-written templates for the caption of their posts on Facebook & Instagram.

[Xtartups Interviewer] What's your product's elevator pitch?

Write Social Content, Faster.

Take the guesswork out of your content creation and show up every day with fresh, strategic and authentic content to grow your brand on social media.

[Xtartups Interviewer] Tell us a bit about your team.

Our team is composed of passionate entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs, who put their know-how at the service of a more connected world. Dee, the founder, is the brain of the product. She develops it both conceptually and technically. Laurence, the co-founder, is the leg, making the product visible for anyone who needs it by managing the business development part.

[Xtartups Interviewer] What motivated you to work on this product?

We want to support solopreneurs to achieve their vision of success by taking smart risks, innovating, creating, learning and sharing knowledge. We wanted to provide them with a tool that helped them grow and be visible as a business on social media. And as a community, we encourage each other to grow and cheer each other up.

[Xtartups Interviewer] Tell us where you are in this product/company's journey?

We launched 9months ago. The beginning was incredible. We had already created a community that had been very supportive when it all started. We spent the first 6months optimizing the product and working on acquisition. And we are on a good trend. We just reached €100K on ARR. Now we are facing new challenges like growing the team to go faster on the acquisition and optimize our retention rate.

[Xtartups Interviewer] What has been your biggest learning moment in this journey?

Our aha moment was a few months before the launch. We have already been working on another product for almost 18 months, guessing it was not a failure. It was not a success either. And we both suddenly realized that we were offering too many things at the same time.

Not giving our leads a definite reason to come aboard. That was when we decided to pivot, get rid of 99% of our initial platform, to rebuild everything on the 1% remaining. We focused only on one urgent and meaningful problem of our customers. And I think that's what is at the origin of our current success.

[Xtartups Interviewer] What has been your biggest validation for creating this product and taking it to the market?

We immediately saw an immense interest in the product when we launched it. But the real validation came from our customers: our pre-written social media posts give them results. Their engagement and reach are up after just 2weeks of using our platform.

[Xtartups Interviewer] How did you find your first 10 customers?

We had worked on another project for 18months. So we already had customers and a community to whom we could sell this new idea.

That's how we launched the beta and acquired our 100 first customers, who are very loyal and gave us a lot of feedback.

[Xtartups Interviewer] If you weren't working on this product, which other product/idea would you be pursuing?

I am passionate about working on something about slow living and productivity.

[Xtartups Interviewer] Who is your favorite bootstrapped founder? And why?

Guillaume Moubeche from Lemlist. He believed in his product, worked to make it always better and had the strength to accept that the first years were a learning experience. Now they are an international company making billions in revenue.

[Xtartups Interviewer] What book or podcast has helped you in this journey?

Podcast: How I built this by Guy Raz. Book: E-Myth Mastery by Michael Gerber.

[Xtartups Interviewer] What do you wish you knew when you started working on this idea?

Our product could be even more specific than what we had in mind at the beginning. It keeps improving as ideas evolve.

[Xtartups Interviewer] For someone who is thinking of starting a bootstrapped business, what would be the one thing they should watch out for?

The obvious one is going very quickly to a profitable business so you can reinvest what you earn each month. We were making a profit from almost day one and, it was handy as we spent a lot on Facebook ads.

The second thing is not to try to do everything by yourself.

The first, because you risk going crazy with the amount of work. Second, because you cannot be an expert on everything. We quickly hired freelancers to work on some areas of our business and it allowed us to breathe and grow the business more easily.

[Xtartups Interviewer] Are you hiring for any positions? If yes, how can people reach out to you?

For now, we are only working with freelancers hoping to hire next year. But if you are a freelancer in digital marketing or copywriting, please send me a message. We could have some missions for you.