Kalam Labs Raised Pre-seed to Bring Live Game Streaming into Education

Kalam Labs raised pre-seed from Lightspeed and Y Combinator to bring Live Game Streaming into Education. Kalam labs is a live game streaming platform at the intersection of K-12 learning and multiplayer gaming.


With the money raised, they plan to accelerate the product roadmap to build a "Metaverse for Science" that includes fun and immersive virtual missions for 6-14-year-old kids to learn their favourite STEM topics.

High-paced in-game chats and engaging game-play is making kids self-motivate to learn new science topics and spend up to 3 hours per week, returning thrice weekly. Minecraft (150M MAUs) and Roblox (200M MAUs) are already seeing "education economies" organically emerging within the games.

Teachers are using pre-built Roblox templates to customize game levels for students. Playing these Roblox levels as groups or individuals help to learn complex concepts such as chain reaction simulations in the process.

Kalam Labs has already gained thousands of paying students. It has been growing its user base by 50% week-over-week, completely organically.

"While our growth has been unexpected and amazing, we are very aware just how tough it is to meet the high standards our very young users have from us daily. What motivates us is their passion and engagement on our platform. Education is undergoing a generational change and we plan to be at the forefront of building products that will accelerate this shift." Ahmad Faraaz, co-founder of Kalam Labs.