Computecoin Network (CCN) Launched Testnet after $2M Seed Round

Computecoin Network (CCN), a self-evolving computer that secured a $2M seed, launched Testnet on 27th September. Computecoin primarily focuses on enabling metaverse applications. Its computational demands will be unparalleled, outpacing the capacity of legacy tech giants.


Top crypto miners such as Ethereum (ETH), Filecoin (FIL), and Swarm (BZZ) miners are on board with CCN for the launch, which will distribute a limited number of Metaverse Mining Passes (NFT) to high-quality applicants.

“We envision a platform that can provide rich, low-cost, instantaneous, and trustable computing power to metaverse developers and users.” -Mourad Mazouni, CEO of Computecoin.

A research project that started in 2018, now has the privilege of being backed by scholars and researchers. Computecoin is a product of relentless innovation. Its patented consensus algorithm, Proof of Honesty (PoH), makes its self-governing ecosystem possible by allowing users to authenticate the results of outsourced computing tasks.

Computecoin aims to incentivize miners by offering certificates. The network now invites interested miners to apply to participate in phase 1 of the testnet. In later stages, miners will bid on certificates in an auction. These certificates will expire at the end of the testnet period.