10.40.10 Fitness Raised $1M to Power Expansion

10.40.10 Fitness expanded its enrollments during COVID-19 lockdowns in Chicago. The company raised $1M in seed funding led by Peregrade Ventures, to expand it boutique gym locations and developing its fitness app.


Founded and led by Alex Witt who isn't just bringing new branding to the gym world but a new approach. "I want to Train American. We define this as having pride in how we represent our community and, ultimately, our country. We are not meant to be sedentary. We are not meant to eat garbage. But we have a society now which fosters those habits by valuing profits over health. And if you've spent the last few years seated in front of computer screens, it's kind of hard to get back out there and decide to be healthy, especially when the trend for our whole country is to become unhealthy. We are changing that. Around all locations, you will find the names of men and women who served our country, starting with fallen Dallas PD officer and my brother Patrick Zamarripa. This business was launched after his death and its success will always be with him in mind."

10.40.10 fitness is focusing on personalized service with its virtual coaching powered by the company's proprietary machine vision and artificial intelligence. It has been thriving that 10.40.10's flagship facility in Illinois has seen massive expansion. "When you walk into our gyms, we track everything with the intent to make you better," proclaims CTO and former fighter pilot Nick Parrish.

Personalization is critical, the application provides even personalized playlists to each member and adds machine vision to measure the repetitions completed and the weight lifted and uses AI to provide coaching tips based on a participant's technique.

Witt believes Parrish's technological skill is the perfect complement to his fitness methodology. 10.40.10 Fitness forgoes one-rep maxes or complex movements due to high risk of injury. The company is going to put their community first and competition last.

"We're going to give every American who wants to improve their health the ability to do so easily, whether in our gyms, with friends at another gym or in the comfort of their own homes. I'm not interested in being just another gym chain. I want to improve the lives of my fellow Americans by giving them a fun, graduated, and attainable workout structure that gets them real results. I want people to leave here and represent our country with pride. I want to take back what it means to be an American through safe and intelligent fitness. That's the 10.40.10 mission."